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CareAtMyHome is an initiative to provide home healthcare services to those suffering from chronic ailments or needing post operative care. Our objective is to promote your health to its best. 

We intend to remove all your travel related worries like health, cost, escort inconvenience, waiting periods in clinics, etc. By treating you at your home, we believe we can give you a better experience and a chance of recovering faster. Our qualified, secure and caring staff understand and address the peculiar needs of different segments like children, mothers, elderlies, working professionals, etc. among others. Once an appointment schedule is fixed, we guarantee that our staff will reach your doorstep on time always.

The best part is that you are not required to visit us even once! Instead, our well trained staff is always ready to visit your premises at a convenient time, thus enabling a smoother health recovery.

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CareAtMyHome is a very humane and worthy project which envisages total comprehensive care. It would cover every aspect of wellbeing of a sick person at home and also empower them to gain control and cope up with their disability. My best wishes are with the entire team of CareAtMyHome.” - Dr. Dhruv Mehta