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Why is Home Care Planning important?

Nearly 20% of seniors getting discharged from hospitals are re admitted within the first 30 days. Approximately 75% of these re admissions are preventable and can be addressed by good Home Care. There are millions suffering from chronic medical conditions and healthy seniors who can also benefit from good Home Care.

There is need to change mind sets when it comes to improving the quality of Home Care. It is crucial to create a home care plan after considering a patient’s health, ability to function, social support and home environment (WHO- ICF). Secondly, patients and carers need to get empowered to take on an active role in managing their conditions. They need to understand their course at home with much more confidence and clarity.

Your Personalized Home Care Planning Tool

CareAtMyHome is a Personalized Home Care Planning tool. Patients undergone major surgeries, those with chronic medical conditions and seniors can benefit from CareAtMyHome's ‘Home Care Plan’. ‘Home Care Plan’ is based on WHO principles of ICF and it includes:

• Recommendations about Home Care Services and devices
• Physical Ability Score which reflects your current ability to participate in daily activities and also aides in monitoring your progress.
• Home Care Education resources to help you learn to care better
• Medication List

Home Care Plan can be easily shared with people whom you trust – Your family, friends ,doctors and other health professionals.

Once you register, we also provide you with essential checklists to monitor your medications, exercises and prepare for Doctor's appointment.

CareAtMyHome is an revolutionary tool to engage and empower patients and caregivers for stress free Home Care.